Packing Tips From Fashion Blogger Who Has Been Traveling All the Time

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If there's one thing to know when it comes to packing, it's that practice makes perfect. It becomes easier with practice, but there's no use in suffering while you're learning. In my opinion, I'm an expert in packing, and I have a long list of packing suggestions to provide.

After a lot of trial and error, I've figured out the best way to pack a suitcase such that it doesn't ruin a vacation. I've gone from dreading packing to looking forward to it thanks to the appropriate baggage and a cosmetic box I've come to rely on.

Are you getting ready for your next journey? With these expert-backed packing suggestions, you'll be prepared for anything.

Invest on a good set of travel bags

This may seem apparent, but remembering its importance is critical. If you purchase a cheap luggage, there's a possibility it won't hold up to the abuse that comes with frequent travel. Think of your baggage in the same way you think of your body when you're on the road all the time. Spend the money now on a product that you know will last for a long time rather than one that will need to be replaced in a few years.

Getting a suitcase in a color other than black, silver, or beige is a great idea if you have the opportunity. You'll recognize it right away when it appears on the baggage carousel.

Preparation is key, so compile a list of necessary items to bring

This should be your first order of business before departing on your journey. Prep your notes a few days before you need to start packing by writing down everything you'll need in each category: clothes, toiletries and tech accessories; crucial papers; and anything else you may need (specific for that trip). Check each item off your list as you pack it to make sure you don't miss anything.

Packing cubes may be a powerful tool if used properly.

Packing cubes are one of the simplest methods to make packing simpler, and you've been losing out. To be honest, I've never found the need for more than three sizes of packing cubes for a full wardrobe. So far, it's been a huge time saver for me since I put all of my underwear, bras, and socks into a single container (which are easy to lose in a suitcase). Layering tanks, gym gear, and even "remote working" equipment are some of the things I group together with others. The following is a favouite:

Roll your garments instead of folding them.

It is natural to fold your clothing inside your luggage, but rolling them may save you a lot of room and prevent unwanted creases. The best way to arrange your clothing is to break it down into categories (shirts, pants, etc.). You'll save room and have a better idea of what's in your luggage if you do this.

The wheel side of your bag should include all of your heavier apparel items, so that delicate goods like straw bags and embroidered shoes don't get crushed. That way, you can keep your most fragile items safer in your luggage.

Set up a system for your jewelry

When it comes to packing for a vacation, jewelry seems to be the last item on our minds. The last thing you want to happen when you remember to pack your beautiful earrings or striking necklaces is for them to be destroyed. For the first time in my life, I'm utilizing a hardshell jewelry bag to keep everything organized and safe. A little hardshell holds my daily jewelry, which consists of small hoops, gold rings, and a simple watch. Then there's another one for the extra-fun items you bring just to get a good Instagram image.

Consider a cosmetic casing that is completely transparent

I can't remember the last time I went without a cosmetic case. It's not only easier to find what you're searching for since you can see everything in your luggage, but it also streamlines the security process.

In the event of a leak or a spill, a transparent case will make it easier to clean up as there would be no evidence left behind. It's hard to deny the allure of a personalized item.

Put on comfortable shoes with laces.

I usually travel with a pair of exercise shoes that are simple to put on and take off at the airport. As a result of the elastic insert in the centre of the construction, I've never had to tie these Reebok Guresu 1.0 edition shoes more than once.

Ensure that you have a wash bag on hand.

You don't want to contaminate your clean components with dirt. To make loading the machine a cinch when you arrive home, bring a laundry bag. Have you lost or misplaced yours? Repurpose one of your souvenir totes!
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