The Six Travel Tips We Wish We'd Learned Years Ago

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Airports are filled, our PTO calendars are full, and everyone is making vacation plans and preparing for excursions they'll be doing this year. We could all use a few travel tricks to get us through our next vacations, especially with airports as congested as ever and airfare tickets at what seems like an all-time high.

You may not know all of the travel tips and tricks that are out there, even if you go on vacation often. When it comes to organizing a vacation, there's a lot to consider, from picking a location to booking a plane ticket (or sketching out a road trip) to creating an itinerary and packing your suitcase.

To ensure you have the greatest vacation possible, here are six life-changing travel tricks we wish we had known sooner.

1. CBD is an effective anti-jet lag and anti-anxiety supplement.

Both your body and intellect are put to the test when you travel. You don't want to get to your vacation spot, which you're looking forward to, and find that you've lost your mojo. There are a number of ways in which CBD might help you feel more balanced and in control. Equilibria, our go-to CBD brand, provides a wide variety of items that might be quite useful while traveling. When it comes to jet lag and other forms of travel anxiety, Equilibria products are always at the top of the list for our editors to bring along on their adventures. With the code THEEVERYGIRL, you'll get an additional 20% off your first Equilibria purchase!

2. Never spend more than you have to on a flight

It would be a waste not to take advantage of the many opportunities to save money on air travel. If you're travelling at the last minute, we realize that sometimes you simply have to do what you have to do. However, if you have the time, doing your homework is well worth it. Our money-saving tips include the following:

A site like Hopper, Skyscanner or Google Flights may let you compare all airlines at once. The majority of airlines enable you to set up notifications so that you know when the best deals are available for your flights.
Use a low fare calendar to find the best time to fly to your destination if you have a lot of leeway in your trip plans.

Make a frequent flyer account if you're a regular traveler with a certain airline and want to save money in the future. And if your preferred airline has a credit card or collaborates with a large one, utilizing it as your main credit card may save you a ton of money.

3. Pack dryer sheets for fresh-smelling clothing in your baggage

If you're packing for a lengthy vacation, it's probable that your newly washed laundry could lose its aroma when you stuff it all into a suitcase with shoes, bags, and coats. Pack a few dryer sheets in your favorite perfume between each load of clothing in your baggage to keep them feeling fresh. People will stop you and ask you how you manage to smell so wonderful. Dryer sheets have the added benefit of reducing static electricity, which is another benefit of using them.

4. Zippered pillowcases are a great way to save space in your suitcase

On vacation, we've all had the experience of running out of room in our suitcases to bring back all the souvenirs we bought. The following is a brilliant tip that one of our editors shared with the rest of the group: If you're worried about running out of room, carry a zipped pillowcase you can stuff with items and take with you on the aircraft! If you're going to the airport with an overstuffed bag and need to reorganize, this is a great solution. Not to mention the fact that you may benefit from the advantages of satin for your skin and hair if you carry a satin pillowcase with you on your vacation.

5. Save Google Maps offline

No matter how well-prepared you are for a trip, you never know when your phone may run out of battery or your data plan will expire. Offline access to some parts of a map (such as cities or neighborhoods) is possible with Google Maps, so you can always know where you are. The only way to find your way about a city is to rely on a good map and some old-fashioned map-reading skills.

6. Cling wrap your jewelry to protect it from becoming tangled

A travel jewelry bag is a great investment, but if you find yourself in a jam before a vacation without one (or if you just don't feel like purchasing one), there is an alternative answer. Wrap your necklaces and bracelets in cling wrap and store them in a safe place. Additionally, it takes up little space in your suitcase and prevents tangling. Arriving at your location and having to spend an hour trying to untangle a necklace is the last thing you need.
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