Six Things I Wished I Knew Before Inter-railing in Europe

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It goes without saying that I adore Interrail. Being able to travel freely and without restrictions in Europe has a certain allure. My own Interrailing experiences have been absolutely amazing.

It's crucial to understand, however, that a vacation of this sort may never be flawless. Any traveler has the right to consider how their experience may have been different had they known what they know now.

What is Interailing?

Several significant and domestic train companies accept the Interrail (or Eurail for people traveling to Europe from other continents) rail pass. These significant train companies include Deutsche Bahn, Trenitalia, and Eurostar.

An Interrail pass enables travelers to board practically any train in Europe and travel among the nations. The only exclusions are trains that need advance reservations or those one is not allowed to board beyond their allotted "travel days."

The amount of days a traveler may use the pass is referred to as "travel days" in Interrail/Eurail lingo. For instance, if you don't want to travel every day, the 7 days within 1-month pass would be appropriate. A visitor may travel with this permit on any seven days during a certain month.

The 1-month pass can be more advantageous if you like more discretion and spontaneity. You may travel on any day during a month with this pass. For individuals who like the freedom to make a last-minute decision, it is far less limiting.

With simply a different name, the Eurail pass is extremely comparable to the Interrail pass. The only major distinction is that Eurail tickets are for travelers arriving from non-European lands.
Both cards include a one-country pass that permits travel inside a certain nation. The worldwide pass, on the other hand, enables travel in any Interrail/Eurail-participating nation. For certain travelers, such as those who are under 27 and over 60, each pass gives savings.

Simply stated, get an Interrail ticket if you are a European and a Eurail ticket if you are entering Europe from another continent. You may organize your journey according to your requirements or preferences by visiting the Interrail official website for more details on these passes.

I want to organize another Interrailing trip as soon as I can. I'll use what I've learnt from previous mistakes this time.

I wish I had known these six things before I took my first Interrailing trip:


There is nothing wrong with having travel-related dreams. I myself would want to be able to claim that I have visited every place on my bucket list. This may not be practical, however.

My first idea for my first Interrail trip was an overly ambitious, country-heavy variety of European sites. costing much too much to be affordable for the typical 18-year-old. I was naive, but I was also simply a young, enthusiastic traveler seeking excitement.

For me, part of the adventure is preparing for a vacation to Europe. Overplanning, however, might result in a demanding and impractical schedule. As a result, I would counsel people to take my experience to heart and attempt to strike a balance between setting lofty goals and reaching too high.


I erred by not budgeting for my first Interrail journey. When the location of the next part of the journey is unknown, budgeting may be challenging. However, having a financial strategy in place is essential.

By the time I arrived in Salzburg on the fourth day of my journey, I had spent all of the euros I had on hand. In addition, I had daily varying expenditures on my credit card.

Fortunately, this had little impact on my experience since I had saved a lot to have more discretionary money. But it's reasonable to assume that even a loose budget would have been helpful for me.

Make plans based on regional events

Frankfurt was one of the cities I picked to go to since it seemed so vibrant. This has nothing to do with the surroundings, people, or food. Though all of those attractions make a trip to Frankfurt worthwhile. My encounter was designed to be remembered by the atmosphere. Unbeknownst to me, Frankfurt was hosting the 2018 Ironman European Championship.

Street vendors were everywhere, residents and visitors congregated to celebrate, and competitors were active as ever. On my Interrailing tour, this was one of the most incredible atmospheres I had ever encountered.

It made me consider what wonderful vacations I might have if I went to places around notable events or festivities. I came to the conclusion that it could be wise to prepare ahead for amusing or fascinating occurrences in the future.


When it came time to reserve lodging for my vacation, I realized I hadn't done enough planning. But learning is a part of adventure, too. One fantastic thing I discovered after my trip was how helpful Hostelworld was.

This website is excellent for anyone seeking for hostels that are inexpensive, particularly when traveling on a limited budget. For individuals looking to rent the least expensive kind of lodging, Hostelworld offers dorm rooms. Furthermore, the chance to connect with other travelers who share your interests is an additional plus.

Additionally, many hostels have individual rooms, sometimes at a lower cost than a typical hotel.


I like strolling tours. Yes, it's simple to utilize a search engine to discover the sculpture's history. Or learn the significance of the bullet holes on Saints Cand Methodius Church's side. Anecdotes from a local guide, however, make for a far richer experience when telling a narrative.

What better way to see a place than on foot, accompanied by a competent tour guide who can reveal the location's secret charms? How about a free walking tour instead?

I first learned about the appeal of free walking tours in Prague when I was 18 years old. In most large cities, free walking excursions are often provided. Local tour guides are happy to show visitors around their city and promote its attractions in exchange for tips.


I like to stay away from late-night trips. partially because I end up becoming annoyed that I can't immediately leave to go exploring. partly due to the tension involved.

On one occasion, I arrived in Zurich with no phone service, dark sky, and difficulty finding my accommodations due to bad preparation. Nothing except tension came from this event.

Even if it's funny to remember how I was feeling that night, I will make alternative plans for my future Interrail trip. By leaving early in the morning, you can make the most of the day and start sightseeing as soon as you reach to your destination.
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