Ways to Make Some Extra Money This Holiday Season

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With Christmas becoming more costly, it's a time when many of us wonder how we may be able to generate a little extra income during the holiday season - for all the wine and cheese we want to purchase, of course.

Fortunately, this time of year is ideal for job searchers, as hundreds of temporary seasonal job openings appear, providing a unique chance to make some additional income to offset the expense of the extra food and presents we'll all be purchasing.

So, if you need to supplement your income this holiday season or just avoid going into debt, here are the top 30 Christmas jobs to consider.

Santa in the Mall

A mall Santa is the first top Christmas job to consider throughout the holidays. Shopping malls across the globe have fascinating grottos that enchant both youngsters and adults. If you choose to take on this position, you may make a lot of money around the holidays, with some freelance Santas earning up to $500 per hour! You must have a positive attitude and a clean criminal background.

Retail Employee

While it may not be the most attractive career, there are lots of retail jobs available! Companies begin recruiting for temporary retail personnel well in advance of the Christmas season, so it's worth checking around to see what's available. You'll require strong dispute resolution and customer service abilities for this position. If you work hard and do well in your job, you may be retained permanently following the holiday season.

Personal Shopper

If you like shopping, you may make it a profession by working as a personal shopper. At the very least, you'd be making money instead of spending it on yourself or your family! This is an excellent alternative during the holiday season, when many individuals are looking for present ideas for their loved ones and desperately need some assistance and direction.

Decorator of Windows

If you have a creative flair, this may be a terrific opportunity for you, whether it's on a freelance basis, decorating customers' windows with varied snow-spray artwork, or working for a retail company painting their festive displays. To be effective in this work, you must have outstanding creative thinking abilities as well as the appropriate trade tools.

Representative of Customer Service

For individuals with excellent customer service abilities and expertise, being a customer service representative over the Christmas season is an excellent alternative. You'll be handling inquiries regarding late delivery, broken or malfunctioning items, and general complaints. Many organizations recruit customer support personnel on a remote basis, which means you may work from home in your fluffy Christmas socks if you so wish.

Instructor of Skiing

If you enjoy the notion of working overseas, you might always go to become a ski instructor during the holiday season. You must hold a Level 1 Ski Instructor certification from the International Ski Instructors Association. If you do not have this certification, there are alternative positions available at ski resorts, such as leadership and customer service.


Christmas is regarded as being a gluttonous holiday, with all manner of birds and meats adorning our tables. Naturally, someone must prepare this meat for us, which is where a butcher comes in. You don't need any formal credentials to become a butcher, but you will need some on-the-job training and an awareness of food safety requirements.

Decorator of Christmas Trees

Christmas tree decorators, who work under the larger category of goods displayer and window trimmer, get to display ornaments and tree decorations at numerous companies (and private residences) all around the globe. If you have strong attention to detail, this is an excellent position for you to pursue.

The Delivery Driver

Most savvy shoppers now conduct their Christmas shopping online, which means mail delivery carriers need assistance as well. During the holiday season, FedEx, UPS, Yodel, and Amazon all advertise for thousands of additional employees, largely in sorting offices, but also in driving and driver support roles. Many of these temporary positions may also lead to permanent employment.

Uber Driver

Working for Uber, the taxi service app where you can choose your own hours, is a terrific way to monetize your driving license during the winter months. You may even arrange your automobile like a grotto to add some additional Christmas spirit if you want to obtain good ratings (and tips). You'll be taxiing Christmas partygoers, and premiums are higher at this time of year, so it's something to think about if you want to supplement your part-time income.

Pet Sitter

Although pet sitting is a year-round business, the holiday season is especially busy as individuals travel to see relatives and go on vacation. Pet sitters care after customers' best pawpals while they are away, either by remaining in their house or by visiting them often throughout the day.

Taster of food

While certain Christmas dishes are an acquired taste, if you're a bit of a gourmet, you could always turn it into a successful business. You would be tasting testing goods for various grocery shops, including holiday favorites like Christmas puddings and other festive treats!
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