Tentative New Year's Goals for the Office

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Millions of individuals throughout the globe set New Year's resolutions every year. They establish a goal to lose weight or save money in the New Year. Sometimes these goals work, but other times they fade before the last of the Christmas decorations are taken down.

While we readily create New Year's goals in our personal life, we seldom contemplate creating resolutions for the next work year. Making (and keeping) workplace resolutions might help you improve your work-life balance or advance in your career. The possibilities are unlimited, but if you're having trouble coming up with work resolutions, start with a handful of them.

Discover Something New

While this may seem to be a simple option, not enough employees concentrate on regularly learning new skills or attending appropriate training. Speak with your talent management team, if you have one, to find out what training or certifications you could be eligible for. Set a precise objective for yourself that assures you have mastered and implemented a new skill or information.

If your firm does not provide training, speak with your supervisor about obtaining funding for outside training or seminars. Many businesses provide low-cost webinars on a regular basis. If the training is provided to a large number of employees, your organization may be willing to pay for it.

If you don't have any internal resources and no financial backing for external training, start reading the library bookshelf. There are certainly dozens, if not hundreds, of books you may read to refine your talents and sharpen your intellect, regardless of your profession or employment.

Get Up From Your Desk

Make a deliberate effort to get up and move more if you look back on the previous year and discover you barely left your seat throughout the day. It is not good to have lunch at your desk all of the time. To prevent burnout, you must take time away from work. We all get caught up working through lunch from time to time, but it should not be a regular occurrence. Find a quiet spot in your workplace, the building, or even a public venue nearby to have your lunch.

Workplace resolutions may also enhance our personal health. Set aside 10-15 minutes each day to go for a stroll around your workplace or, if feasible, outdoors. You will not only be giving yourself a much-needed respite from work, but you will also be benefitting your personal well-being.

Eat More Healthily In the workplace

Many well-intentioned dieters have met their demise in office break rooms. Our coworkers often send over an unlimited supply of doughnuts, cookies, day-old birthday cake, and so forth. It's unusual to find a workplace breakroom with fresh fruit bowls on the table or a daily salad choice. Make a commitment to bringing your own lunch every day to avoid the unhealthy options in and near your workplace. You will not only know that what you are eating is healthy, but you will also save some money.

Give yourself a sensible limit on how much you may indulge in during company festivities. If there are two birthdays that week, convince yourself that you can only eat cake on one of them. Consider bringing in fresh fruit to share with your coworkers. Stay away if you don't have the willpower to say no to the assortment of sweets in the breakroom! Avoid temptation by staying away from the breakroom as much as possible.

Make New Business Contacts

Every year, we should strive to expand our professional network. It's easy to become comfortable and remain with what (or who) you know. There are two locations to explore for new professional connections: inside your own organization and outside in organizations or networks.

If you chose to concentrate on making new relationships inside your current business, do some study on managers, partners, or senior leadership from whom you believe you may learn something. Start a discussion after you've decided on someone you want to connect with. You may invite the CEO of your firm to coffee or ask the boss of another department if they are available for lunch. Knowing influencers inside your own company might be beneficial in the future.

You may also choose to network with people in your sector who are not employed by your organization. In these circumstances, you should look for local networking events or conferences in your sector. You should be able to get at least a couple of introductions there. It is entirely up to you whether you establish a professional relationship with them.

Take Advantage of Your Vacation Time

Don't fall prey to the "use it or lose it" mentality this year! Far too many American employees fail to take advantage of the paid time off offered by their employers. Even if a summer vacation in Europe is out of the question due to budgetary restrictions, make time for yourself. Make a "staycation" out of it or just add days off to the weekends to avoid a case of Mondays. Make a pledge to yourself that you will use the time off you have been granted.

Resolutions may help you stay on track in your personal and professional lives, but don't make too many of them. The risk of failure increases as you attempt to keep track of a dozen resolutions. Choose a few goals for the New Year and dedicate yourself to making them a reality.

Making a New Year's resolution is also never too late! If you choose, you may start now or make a goal halfway through the year. Do whatever works best for you and your objectives!
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